Sunday, March 28, 2010

to oxford for lunch

Moira+I spent a lovely time in Oxford yesterday having lunch with great friends Debby, Ken and Ian (Gail was recuperating at home after her hospital ordeals earlier in the week – very sad she wasn’t able to be with us, but wonderful that the prognosis seems to be very positive). We travelled up on the train, met up with the others for coffee at the Jam Factory where we were hugely impressed by the Stillpoint “Stations of the Cross” exhibition. Then on to Quod for lunch and on to Patisserie Valerie for some amazing desserts! The sun shone, Oxford looked beautiful (despite the fact they were digging up the High Street!), the company was perfect and the trains ran on time (more or less!).
A perfect Saturday!
Photo: Ian, Moira, Ken+Debby pondering the menu at Quod.

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just Gai said...

Well done for letting 'the train take the strain'.