Monday, March 08, 2010


Tough choice. Do I watch the whole of the Reading v Villa game on TV or do I go to The Watershed to see Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s “MICMACS” (Moira was at a bread-making workshop!)? I decided on the latter. Jeunet was the director of my favourite film “Amelie”, so I felt I needed to see it. Although it fell a little short of any comparison with “Amelie” (pretty difficult to live up to!), it did have lots of characteristic Jeunet’s touches - and also featured perhaps half a dozen of the Amelie actors too (including the brilliant Dominique Pinon) - and beautiful little visual jokes. The humour was almost slapstick at times and, with all its fantastic invention and imagination, there were moments when it almost felt as if you were watching Wallace+Gromit!
PS: The Villa won despite the fact that they were losing when I set off for the cinema (they only seem to lose if I watch the game!).

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