Saturday, January 31, 2009

john martyn 1948-2009

John Martyn died on 29 January, aged 60. Although I’d come across his music over the years, it wasn’t really until a couple of summers ago, when lovely friend and illustrator Si Smith told me that Martyn’s “Small Hours” was probably his favourite single piece of music, that I really started to appreciate John Martyn’s amazing repertoire of work. “Solid Air” is regarded as one of the classic albums (I’ve seen it described as “the musical equivalent of a reassuring hug”!); the title was apparently dedicated to his friend Nick Drake, who died shortly after the album was completed.
Click on this link to watch him performing “Small Hours” at Reading University in October 1978.

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alan broadway said...

sad, but never managed to appreciate his music. lost love, heroin addiction and alcoholism certainly gave him something to write & sing about. a (short) life fulfilled or a tortured soul? preferred what nick drake did in a shorter time on this earth; but for those of similar birth years still alive, give me the good socialist dick gaughan anyday.