Sunday, January 04, 2009

saturday morning

Had a rather unusual, but very enjoyable morning yesterday. Unremarkably, I got up pretty early and messed around downstairs but then, very unusually(!), went back to bed to read for an hour or so. I remained in bed (unheard of for me!) to listen to “Saturday Live” on Radio4 (it’s not the same with Fi Glover still on maternity leave!) before getting up and having a lazy bath. Meanwhile, Ruth rang to find out if we fancied a walk with them along the beach at Sand Bay so, by noon, that’s exactly what we did – in glorious sunshine. Absolutely beautiful, despite the cold (lots of ice on the beach and strips of snow/slush marking the high tide). Had an hilarious game of football with Iris – who spent most of the time giggling and repeatedly saying "I'm laughing!" in between kicks – before returning home to cheese+beans on toast!
Photo: footie on the beach at Sand Bay (starring Ruth+Iris+Moira+Stuart).

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