Thursday, March 13, 2008

southbank bristol arts trail

The next southbank arts trail is 10+11 May (plus 9 May when lots of us simply get together to drink red wine surrounded by art!). This will be the fifth year we’ve opened our basement as a gallery and I have to admit that we (well ok, me!) have been really disorganised this time round - we've just made the deadline for submitting material and agreed who's exhibiting!
Featured artists will be: Sharon Bishop (ceramics/illustration); Paul Brown (also known as Mister Brown to his friends)(illustration); Helen Brayshaw (photography/cards); Moira (textiles); Hannah (illustration) and me (photography and drawings, if I get my act together!). Ruth+Stu have decided to opt out on this time round.
Photo: swimmer 2007 (which we’re using as the venue image for the arts trail brochure)

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Gareth Rae said...

Almost that time of year again?
I love the art trail. It generates a real feeling of community. Of course it's always better in the sunshine, so finger's crossed for clear blue skies.