Wednesday, March 26, 2008

golf tour

On the first day he started at school as a tiny Year 7, eighteen months or so ago, this young man (it would be wrong to mention him by name) spent quite a lot of time in floods of tears in my office. In time, he did settle into his new life in the BigSchool (and, in the process, clocked up the highest number of merits in the school by the end of the year!). In those early days, I also discovered that he was “quite good” at golf and joked that I would stop talking to him once he had a better handicap than me (he’s now achieved this – 13 to my 15, but we still talk!). At that time, I also crucially got him to pledge 10% of any earnings he made at golf to me! I learnt yesterday that he’d won the four golf competitions he’d entered over the Easter period and, as a result, had been asked to play in the first round of the Junior Welsh Open!
He could be the next Tiger! What’s 10% of £billion?
PS: I received a text message from great mate Ken last night saying he’d arrived at West Runton (4 day golf tour with 20+ mates that I attended for more than 20 consecutive years). School commitments (and funds) now prevent me from being there – but I’m with them in spirit! I blogged about it last year too!


bigdaddystevieB said...

I received another text message from Ken this morning (he'd just been for his swim and was about to sit down for breakfast at the hotel) - he also happened to mention that Sheringham golf course was still open, despite the SNOW!

alice x said...

oh dad! what a lovely story! x