Saturday, March 08, 2008

kielder challenge

We started “training” for this year’s Kielder Challenge event yesterday. I absolutely love it!
We’d selected four pupils from our school and Laura+I took them to meet their team mates from Fosseway School for the first time (pupils with severe learning difficulties or physical disabilities). They spent the afternoon getting to know each other. It was a lovely, humbling and happy time – with lots of laughter. At one point, I asked people to introduce themselves and tell everyone one thing about themselves. Troy (a tiny Year 7 pupil from Fosseway) decided that the special thing about him was that he could “talk for England” – which clearly brought the house down. Rather beautifully, Charlotte, from our school, then told everyone she really liked drama… and then addressed herself to Troy and said “and I can talk for England…. AND France”!
A very special moment and I just wanted to hug her for it!
photo: Laura's group picture of Dean, Josh, Jaz, Hannah, Troy, Charlotte, Frazer+Charlotte

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alice said...

Dad it sounds like such a heartening experience in so many ways. I'm so glad you felt boosted by it! xxx