Sunday, July 08, 2012

yet more iona reflections

I’ve been home now for some 10 days or so and am beginning to get back into my “old” routine. I love being back amongst my family and old friends, but obviously miss seeing the daily beauty of the island, the changing light, my new “Iona friends” and the general rhythm of the days.
The internet is wonderful in that I’m able to keep up with things that are happening on Iona on a daily basis through the blogs and facebook comments from resident staff and current volunteer members of the Iona Community.
But, inevitably, this also has its downside.
The other day, for instance, after what was apparently a gloriously sunny day on the island, a sudden storm developed, followed by a magnificent evening sky… here is sacristan Dave’s description: “Watched the rain come in like a black wall over Mull today. It was brilliant sunshine and hot where I was standing then suddenly cold torrential rain. There was a remarkable rainbow over the Abbey, but I didn't have my camera so you'll just have to imagine it...”
Fortunately, fellow-volunteer Lee Ann DID record the evening sky (here’s her lovely photograph).
I felt very envious and suddenly wanted to be there again to experience/capture the moment.
Photo: sunset over distant islands.
PS: I’ve previously mentioned that the BBC was on the island to record a programme with Stephen Oliver and John Bell. This went out this morning on Radio4 (40mins long) and featured, amongst other things, the wonderful Gail Vincent from the Iona Community. But I want to stress that I also played an absolutely crucial part(!) in the programme: a) “Morning Has Broken” was chosen by me(!) and was recorded in the morning worship that I led (fortunately, you can’t hear me singing along – I was SO scared by the close proximity of the microphone that I just mouthed the words!) and b) I was one of the 20 plus guests and volunteers who were asked to provide the “backing vocals” in the extract from the Morning Worship book that John Bell read (again, fortunately, you can’t hear me!).  
PPS: The sad thing is that they also recorded a brilliant evening service led by resident staff member and lovely friend, Becki – but failed to include any of it (perhaps they’re saving it for a “peace-and-justice-special"?!).

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