Sunday, July 15, 2012

together again, after all these years…

Somewhat worryingly, it’s very nearly 45 years since some of us (at least!) started at college in Oxford and yesterday 17 of us met together at The Lamb and Flag (formerly “Dirty Dudleys”, near Kingston Bagpuize in Oxfordshire – with its slightly dodgy memories/associations with our student days!), followed by a wonderful walk up White Horse Hill at Uffington. This wasn’t a college reunion as such, simply a reunion of our close group of college friends. We’ve arranged these occasional get-togethers from time to time over the years (and some of us have met up more frequently too), but it’s been some nine years since our last “reunion”. This time, “John Trem” bravely offered to do all the organising - something he now probably regrets! 
It was lovely to meet up again (and, do you know, we’ve hardly changed a bit over the years!) AND we were incredibly lucky with the weather too – it stopped raining just long enough for our walk.
Oh happy days!
Team Photos: Top 2012: John, Laura, John, Paddy, Steve, Ted, Nigel, Steve, Janice, Joan (just!), Moira, Bev, Adrian (just!), Christiane, Jane, Tony and Rosemary.
Bottom: c1990 (with some offspring!)?… I won’t try putting names to everyone!
PS: I DID try to find a black+white photograph of some of us around a bench on Boars Hill from c1970, but failed miserably, I’m afraid!
PPS: double click on the image to enlarge.

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