Monday, December 28, 2009


This isn't a reference to the latest of James May's "Toy Stories" based on Hornby model railways (I've really enjoyed the series but actually found this one rather disappointing). I've recently been dipping into Nick Hornby's "31 Songs" again. Although it hasn't stopped me from enjoying the book, I'm sorry to say that I knew less than 30% of the songs (this sounds very sad, as if my musical background is extremely limited!).
Not any more though... thanks to the wonderful Spotify, I've managed to create a "Hornby playlist" (well, covering most of the songs - some haven't been recognised). As well as pointing me towards some new artists, it's made the book even more accessible.
Isn't technology wonderful (sometimes)!
PS: I've really been enjoying listening to music over the holiday period and have received lots of excellent CDs over Christmas - Devendra Banhart, Belle+Sebastian and Regina Spektor. Feeling very spoilt!

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