Monday, December 21, 2009

down from up’t north

It’s been great having Alice+Dave (and Mikey+Dan) to stay for a few days before Christmas. Living in Leyland, we don’t get to see them anything like as often as we’d like to, but it was lovely to have all our daughters, sons-in-law and grandchildren round for supper last night. On night one, Mikey+Dan seemed to be suffering from jet-lag. They both woke up at midnight and refused to go back to sleep (at all!) – much to Alice+Dave’s obvious delight! I took the opportunity of taking the boys out on a long walk the following day to give A+D a well-earned rest. All went perfectly when, after two hours, I noticed that one of the buggy tyres had been punctured! Hey ho (or should that be “ho ho ho”?).
Photo: the boys with their eyes glued to the TV (literally!).
How sad is that!!

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