Tuesday, December 29, 2009

2009 reflections

This is my favourite photograph of 2009. I've only recently looked at it closely (it's a detail from a larger image). It was taken by Felix in St Ives on our October family holiday. Moira and I had been ushered on to the beach by the rest of the family in the early evening. We've just watched two paper sky lanterns magically disappear into the night sky over the ocean. We're relaxing and drinking champagne (as you do!) surrounded by homemade, sand-filled nightlights (hand-decorated by the grandchildren!) and are reflecting on just how blessed we are to be part of such a wonderful family. I think Moira and I quite like each other too (good job, with our 37th wedding anniversary due tomorrow - on 30 December)!
Other significant events of 2009:
  • Brilliant family holiday at Upper Saltings, St Ives in October.
  • My first ever school "snowday" happening on my 60th birthday in February (result!).
  • Best Concert: brilliant Joan As Police Woman at St George's.
  • Best Films: "Looking for Eric", "The Reader" and "An Education".
  • Best Books: "Engleby" (Sebastian Faulks) and "The Wasp Factory" (Iain Banks).
  • Best/Most Entertaining Exhibition: Banksy at Bristol Museum.
  • Best Theatre: "Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves" at The Tobacco Factory (featuring Felix!).
  • Most Entertaining/Enjoyable Live Sport: twenty20 cricket with school buddies.
  • Saddest: sudden death of Graham "Bodge" Hollows, aged 48.
  • Regret: Gerry and Merry Carol returning to Canada.
  • Outrages: Parliamentary Expenses and Banker's Bonuses.
  • Surprisingly Enjoyable: discovery of Permaculture and GrowZones.
  • Impressive Local Community Voice: BERATE/TESNO.
  • Community Arts Project (made me smile): "Play Me I'm Yours".
  • Holiday Surprise: Kettle's Yard, Cambridge (thanks to Moira!).
  • Biggest Frustration/Concern: failure of Copenhagen Climate Change Conference.
  • Best Family News: arrival of fourth grandchild Rosa Eve, born in July (Ruth+Stu) - and fifth one of his/her way next June (Alice+Dave).

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