Monday, May 11, 2009

goodbye dick+dientje

Dick+Dientje returned to Holland today after spending the last week with us. It’s been just brilliant having had the opportunity to meet up again after our in initial meeting on Iona. I’ve felt guilty that I’ve not been around to see them during the day due to school and also that they weren’t able to get down to Cornwall (as they’d hoped to) but, apart from that, it’s been a really enjoyable week. With the Arts Trail happening over the weekend, it’s also unfortunately meant that they’ve been left to discover the local attractions for themselves! Our time spent together has included dinner at Café Ceituirica, supper with our Ithaca friends, breakfast at the Lockside Café, drinking at the Spotted Cow, a fish+chip supper from Fish Minster, preview number40 Arts Trail party and the “After-the-Trail” party at the Tobacco Factory last night. We’re very sad to see them go.
Really lovely, special people!

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just Gai said...

You're right. They are a delightful couple. I hope it isn't the last we've seen of them.