Tuesday, May 05, 2009


I met Dick+Dientje for the first time nearly two years ago on the magical isle of Iona (see previous blog!). I really enjoyed their company during the course of my week’s stay on the island, but we’d only been in e-mail contact since. That was until now.
As it happens, they’ve been in Bristol over the weekend (the respective church choirs from Henleaze and from Houten, Holland, had also met on Iona that same summer and had forged friendship links which had resulted in exchange visits)…. and they’re now staying with us for the coming week. It could all have been somewhat embarrassing (Moira had never met them afterall) - what if it was just the magic of being away on Iona?
Not a bit of it…. it’s just lovely to see them again and they’re still just as lovely (and Moira thinks they’re lovely too)!
Just a pity that I have to work this week, so I’ll have to make the most of just seeing them in the evenings and at the weekend! Somewhat predictably, we ended up in the Spotted Cow last night with other friends - as a way of introducing them to English culture, you understand (obviously).

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