Thursday, April 30, 2009

the speaker

I found myself watching the television last night. I hardly seem to watch it these days. I watched the end of “Wainwright Walks” on BBC4 and was about to disappear downstairs to the basement to work on our forthcoming exhibition when I became intrigued by a programme called “The Speaker”, which was about to start on BBC2. I’d never even heard about it and last night’s programme was the final (“the search to find Britain’s Best Young Speaker”). From thousands of entries (14-18 year olds), they were down to the final three for yesterday’s programme. The finalists were flown out with Unicef to research children’s rights in Malawi and I suddenly realised that one of the finalists, Irene, was a member of one of our local churches here in Bedminster! She was just brilliant. Not surprisingly, the quality of the finalists was incredibly high. Irene ended up coming a close second to the 14 year-old winner (who was also from Bristol!), but I have a feeling that we might be hearing a fair amount about her in years to come.
Inspiring, moving, humbling stuff!
PS: if you’re quick, you can watch it on BBC iplayer

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alan broadway said...

watched it, but not seen previous 'performances' and so may lack background knowledge of the candidates & total 'feel' of them. whatever, such talent; i'm so envious of the ability to deliver words that can paint a picture, enforce a fact...and hold an audience. found kay kay confident but seeming to more seek adulation than to give a message and he completely failed on the point at issue - he will end up being a pop star or preacher. irene was sincere and her message heartfelt and believable - i loved her & she will become a u.n. ambassador & change the world. duncan was incredibly good, but i found him a little arrogant and his mannerisms annoying, to the extent that he didn't deliver all of the message to me - he will make a good stand up comic or insincere politician. enjoyable though...and will i learn anything ahead of my presentation to diocesan synod in july? (think i'll just concentrate on my jasper carrott voice & basil fawlty mannerisms).