Tuesday, April 28, 2009

si and steve – as featured regularly on bbc 6 music

Just before Christmas 2007, I e-mailed Guy Garvey (lead singer of Elbow, who presents the “Guy Garvey’s Finest Hour” radio programme on BBC6 Music) suggesting some tracks for his “Songs for Guy” slot. Many of the songs had actually been recommended to me by my good mate Si Smith. In January last year one of my suggested tracks was duly played and both Si+I were mentioned by name (see blog?).
Well, blow me down, GG's only gone and played another one of the suggested songs (ie. from my original e-mail!) in his show last Sunday when he featured an entire show of the best of "Songs for Guy" over the past two years.... and, once again, Si+I both received honorable mentions! This time it was "When I go Deaf" by Low.
If you’re REALLY quick (ie. before next Sunday), you can hear this magical moment of broadcasting history via the Listen Again facility for the 26 April show (about 53 minutes in!!).
As a result of “appearing” on the radio, I declared that Si Smith and I were officially famous. I now understand that we’ve been short-listed for “Strictly Come Dancing”.
PS: on a completely unrelated matter, and in response to Gareth’s challenge, I’ve joined her in applying to occupy the Fourth Plinth in Trafalgar Square for one hour as part of Anthony Gormley’s “One and Other” Project. Think I’ll just tell them: “yes, it’s me – the person Guy Garvey’s always going on about on his radio show”.


just Gai said...

Well done for applying. See you in Trafalgar Square!

HollyRace said...

I've posted a link to this (and 'just Gai's' post) on the 'One and Other' blog (http://www.oneandother.co.uk/whatsnew/regions) - hope you don't mind!

bigdaddystevieB said...

no problem Holly.
thank you