Wednesday, April 01, 2009

don't be fooled?

Do I have any concrete expectations for the G20 summit? Well, on the basis of the outcomes of similar gatherings over the years, I’m afraid the answer is no.
The one huge difference this time of course is Barack Obama. He says he’s coming to listen as well as to lead. We’ll see.
The trouble is that many people (me included) have got to a stage where they feel frustration and utter contempt for world leaders, bankers, MPs and everyone else who has got us into these linked climate-financial-poverty messes. We no longer trust them.
Getting 20 world leaders to agree to any package of measures will no doubt lead to another watered-down communiqué being released at the end of the talks. There’ll be much posturing as usual (this time it seems that Sarkozy and Merkel will endeavour to take their share of the limelight?) but it'll probably make very little difference at all.
I hope and I pray, but I’m not holding my breath.
PS: I was amused that some protest organisers have dubbed the event as “Financial Fools Day”!

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Alice said...

I think this sums up why so many of us end up being very politically apathetic. There is no reason to believe what anyone says is true, there is no trust or genuine integrity and I feel like there's no way of changing it. Wouldn't it be great to see what a leader who stuck to their morals and kept their promises would be like?!