Friday, August 29, 2008

sand point

I spent another early morning yesterday walking along a deserted English beach in the drizzle! This time it was Sand Bay near Kewstoke and it was really lovely – especially walking to Sand Point and being amazed by the volcanic rock formations en route. I DID actually see people on this occasion – three people walking their dogs (who clearly thought I must be mad – a man walking WITHOUT a dog!) and a man digging in the mud/rocks, presumably collecting some edible sea creature (or bait)? It definitely wasn’t lugworms because there were loads on the main beach and this guy was risking life+limb clambering over the precarious rocks and the muddy shoreline (lots of warning signs about “sinking mud”!). I’d be grateful for your suggestions please…. (razor fish? mussels? even oysters?).
Anyway, the trip was all very worthwhile and beautiful.
Photo: swirling mudflats, viewed from Sand Point (other photos on one of my facebook albums).
Note: unfortunately, my camera started playing up (damp conditions perhaps?) – I just hope it’s not terminal or expensive, as we’re rather short of funds!

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Ian Adams said...

lovely pic Steve. keep on walking...