Wednesday, August 13, 2008

august beach day

Despite the appalling weather, I decided I needed to walk along a beach this morning! I’d already had breakfast before this sudden desire entered my head but, by 8am, I found myself striding across the sand at Barrow beach (near Burnham-on-Sea). I walked northwards from Berrow for about an hour - virtually to the headland beyond Brean - with the rain lashing down and then turned round and had to contend with 30mph winds and the full force of the rain into my face! Not surprisingly on such an awful day, I didn’t see anyone during my couple of hours on the beach and, despite wearing my full wet-weather gear, I still got pretty wet!
Although it was depressing to realise that this was supposed to be the English summer, I’m really glad I made the effort and felt duly invigorated by the end of it!
Photo: Berrow beach in the rain.


alice said...

mmm an undisturbed walk on a beach sounds blissful, no matter what the weather is like! xxx

alan broadway said...

oh to live near the coast. a walk there, whatever the weather, can always be inspirational. all us brummies have is "high tide on the birmingham-worcester canal!