Monday, July 07, 2008

street children of durban

I really regret not getting to church yesterday.
Our friends Wilf+Angie were talking about their trip to South Africa last year to visit the Umthombo project which works with street children in Durban (fortunately, Moira DID go to church – that’s how I know!). Returning home, Wilf decided to make a small book, called “Now I am a person (which is just beautiful), to tell the stories of the children they met. It’s a powerful testament to the work of the project team but, most of all, to the spirit and resilience of the children themselves. Like Osaviour, for example: “I can never forget what it is like living on the streets and it is something I don’t want to ever go back to. You feel both sad and angry because of the way people look at you. You never forget what that was like, the way that you felt when you were that person. But you don’t give up hope if people are encouraging you”.
Umthombo is named after a tree which grows in the desert. It is a symbol of hope, of life sustained despite the harshest conditions. A wonderfully powerful image.
Photo: Sphelele – Point Road, Durban.


si smith said...

aye up steve, 'now i am a person' will be at greenbelt this year... see

si :-)

bigdaddystevieB said...

I'd love to persuade our school house captains to adopt this as one of their charities for the coming year (their decision not mine, but I can but try!).
many thanks for this, si... I suppose I'd have discovered it eventually but I'm pretty slow at these things!