Thursday, July 31, 2008

flower market+breakfast

Ruth is preparing flowers for a friends wedding on Saturday so I gave her a lift to the Bristol Flower Market at dawn this morning, while Stu stayed at home with Iris. I had visions of a romantic Victorian market hall but, in the event, it was a relatively modern industrial shed beside the canal. Nevermind!
We returned in time to enable Stu to get off to his Thursday gardening work and collected Iris (and then Moira) and trundled off to the Lockside Café/Restaurant in Cumberland Basin for breakfast.
Iris was positively angelic and breakfast was yummy!
Photo (I didn't take it - it's from their website): The Lockside is a great place to eat, despite its rather unprepossessing location under a feeder road! It does, however, also command lovely views across the basin towards to Clifton, the suspension bridge and the multi-coloured houses of Hotwells (and the food and the people are lovely).

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just Gai said...

I second your review of Lockside. We've eaten there at different times of the day and have always found the food delicious, the staff welcoming and the views magnificent. And all within pleasant walking distance. What more could one ask for? ... Well maybe a discount on our next visit for such a resounding endorsement?