Tuesday, July 15, 2008

blue sky thinking?

I’m really cheesed off!
People who know me will know that this doesn’t happen very often. As I mentioned in yesterday’s blog, today was Sports Day at school (described by the headteacher as one of his “favourite days of the year”). I looked at the weather forecast this morning and it looked pretty good to me – improving as the day went on. But, oh no, the powers-that-be decided it was “too wet” to allow the whole school to enjoy the day and determined that it would be “lessons as usual” – with just those who were participating in the key events allowed out of lessons. So, most of the teachers had to teach and it was left to just the learning support staff to assist the sports teachers in helping to run the event – and with just two lesson periods in which to complete all the races (predictably, not all the races therefore took place!). It felt like trying to run sports day behind closed doors…. in secret (certainly in secret as far as members of the senior management team were concerned because none of them turned up!). I felt particularly sorry for those pupils for whom sports day represented the “one time” when they can excel and show off their talents. I know it’s not always easy to make these decisions, but it seemed to me to be a case of the powers-that-be not wanting to change their minds even when common sense suggested they should!
PS: … and, of course, all the fun generated last night by our House tutors trying to decide who should represent the House in the staff relay was completely wasted – because there was no staff relay race…. because 90% of the staff were teaching lessons!
PPS: … and, of course, the only real problem this afternoon was the possibility of people getting sunstroke.

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Ellen Loudon said...

sorry you are hacked off...Seems a reasonable response to the situation really! xxx