Sunday, March 04, 2007

ten tors training

I was helping out on the training day for a group of sixty or so 15-17 year-olds on the Quantock Hills today (essentially manning one of the checkpoints rather than walking the 15 mile arduous route) – in preparation for the final two-day challenge over Dartmoor in two months’ time. The views are apparently stunning, but we didn’t see any. The weather was absolutely atrocious – incessant, heavy rain with high winds from start to finish and with visibility down to 100m or so at times!
In the event, the students were brilliant. They didn’t complain; they simply got on with the task in hand with determination and wonderful good humour.
It was a completely exhilarating day.
Photo: one of the groups from our school – not quite half-way round!
PS: this was posted before learning of the tragic death of a student on one of the other training sessions near Okehampton. Horrible news.

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