Friday, March 23, 2007

adoption day

Received really great news yesterday afternoon: Mikey has now been formally adopted by Alice+Dave! In Alice’s words: “It was the least official-feeling official thing EVER. The judge asked me ‘so, is he continent?’ I thought it was such a stupid question I must have misunderstood him so just meekly said ’he's doing very well’!” Nevermind, he was apparently a very nice man.
As you might imagine, this crucial question will go down in the archive of family stories – at the least appropriate moment, Dave will turn to his wife and whisper those immortal words: “so, Alice, is he continent?”!
Photo: Dave+Alice+Mikey with Judge Gee (great name!) and social workers Chris+Kath.


Alice said...

Hooray! It's such a nice feeling knowing he's OURS!


Pete Gilbert said...

A nice story. Good luck Alice.