Wednesday, March 21, 2007

joni (again)

More words about Joni Mitchell on this blog I’m afraid! I received e-mails from Alan and Sarah yesterday telling me that there was the first of two documentaries on her last night on Radio2 (good to have people looking out for you!)(this comes hard on the heels of Paul Robert’s recent blog). Wonderfully evocative programme – I’m sure you’ll be able to hear it on the “listen again” BBC link (although I think I could have done a better job at interviewing her!). The BBC website includes a messageboard with lists of people’s favourite songs. For me, “Blue” is the definitive album (and being featured on next week’s programme) – with my top songs: “The Last Time I saw Richard”, “A Case of You” and “Little Green”, although “Both Sides Now” from the “Clouds” album brings back most memories!

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alan broadway said...

absolutely agree about the interviewer, thought she was appalling. mr grump of b'ham has emailed the bbc!

favourite songs are very personal, perhaps evoking memories of a time and place. guess you alerted me to joni back in '69 and i then bought 'clouds' - as a 16 year old i was way ahead of my time...but was also buying led zeppelin! judging by nr of tracks on my ipod 'blue' appears my favourite album, followed by 'hissing of summer lawns'. favourite songs are likely 'gallery' (clouds), '...richard' (blue), 'in france they kiss on main street' (hissing...) and 'night ride home' (night ride home). different songs and different styles, as we grow older with her - you can certainly hear what smoking has done to her voice.

it was interesting that joni wanted to distance herself from being ever classed as a folk singer and clearly jazz is more her love. neither was she happy with being viewed as a poet and, as an artist, was obviously pleased to be considered a performer/writer who 'paints pictures in peoples heads.' for me, i don't so much get pictures, but appreciate the stories.