Wednesday, November 22, 2006

is it just me or should we ALL be worried?

I listened to the President of National Union of Students on the radio the other day talking about student grants/loans issues. Coming from a working class background, my parents certainly had no financial means to be able to support me through university. Without a full grant (and, of course, all fees were paid!), university would have been impossible for me - especially through a 7 year architectural course. Having now seen our own three daughters go through university (and knowing the costs involved!), I find the financial pressures placed upon young people today all very depressing. Most of those emerging from Higher Education owe huge levels of student loans; they’re immediately under pressure to find well-paid jobs (and to pay off their loans) but, understandably, they also want to have their own homes (will they be able to get a mortgage and, crucially, afford a deposit?); it would also be good to start a family before too long (but how are they going to be able to pay their monthly mortgage payments if they do that? - and what about child care because they can’t stay at home as they need the money to pay the mortgage….?). Oh, and by the way, whatever they do, they must start making provision for their old age/retirement. Help! I thought it was tough in our day, but we had it pretty easy by comparison…. or, maybe it’s just me getting old?
Photo shows the carefree student life c1970: Moira (in classic sheep’s clothing) plus Bev and Ted – they look SO happy!

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