Sunday, November 12, 2006

family photo album update no.1 (apologies)

When I made an apology in an earlier blog for including family photos, I received a few comments from friends effectively saying: “family photographs are actually what we’d like to see” (shorthand for: “rather than your normal inane ramblings”?). Having just been up to Lancashire to see Mikey for the first time (he's a very happy 9 month-old) and being lucky enough to be able to see Iris on a regular basis in Bristol (she's already well-known on the local art circuit at private views and exhibitions), I attach two more images of our grandchildren!


Anonymous said...

hello- when i first heard you had a blogg- if i'm honest i thought 'oh no- what is the world coming to?' but actually you have something to say - and you say it very well and with beautiful pictures too.
my only critism would be using a 'winnie the pooh' picture...horrible! sorry!


bigdaddystevieB said...

many thanks for this (whoever you are?) - I absolutely agree about the pooh picture... and might even change it one day