Friday, March 14, 2014

the grand budapest hotel

“The Grand Budapest Hotel” is the first Wes Anderson-directed film I’ve seen.
Moira+I went along to the Watershed this afternoon - no, I’ve not even seen “Fantastic Mr Fox” or “The Royal Tenenbaums” (actually, my lovely daughters have just given me “The Darjeeling Limited” on DVD, so within the next few days I will have watched two of his films).
Well, I think I’ve now become a firm fan.
I absolutely loved “The Grand Budapest Hotel”. It’s almost theatrical in the way it’s staged… you get the sense that EVERY shot has been given very detailed consideration; composition is crucial – with a huge emphasis on symmetry and front-on shots (as opposed to “angled”) – as are colour, detail and style. With my somewhat limited ability to recall films, at times it felt as if I was watching a combination of “Amelie” and “Moulin Rouge” (but without the music!).
The other huge and, for me, quite surprising bonus was the performance of Ralph Fiennes as Monsieur Gustave (“a concierge at a pastel pink, wedding cake-like hotel” as the Watershed blurb describes him). I haven't always enjoyed his performances in the past, but he really was quite, quite brilliant in this rare comic role.
A very pleasurable experience and a film I think you should definitely see.


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