Sunday, March 23, 2014

hart’s bakery, bristol

We’re incredibly fortunate to have (at least) two local bakeries operating within walking distance of our house in Southville, Bristol. We use the brilliant Mark’s Bread+Café, in North Street, on a very regular basis – amazing bread and lovely people.
I only recently came across the second bakery, Hart’s Bakery, through a Bristol Kitchen Radio podcast (oh yes, we have it all here in Bristol!)… and was then reminded about it by our very good friend Gareth (the font of all knowledge when it comes to local food… and, of course, Bristol Pounds!).
Even if you live in our fair city, the chances are that you’ve never laid eyes on the bakery – even though it’s right next to Temple Meads railway station. In fact, it’s located under one of the arches below the approach road to the station itself.
I popped in yesterday morning to buy a loaf and to partake of their very good coffee (extremely important as far as I’m concerned!)… and, of course, I just had to have a pastry (it would have be rude not to).
Brilliant – unusual, basic, busy, hidden “secret” location, happy friendly people, wonderful cakes+pastries and excellent coffee… open Tuesday-Saturday 7am-3pm.
As I say, we’re incredibly fortunate…    
Photo: Hart’s Bakery
PS: check out the excellent video on the Hart’s Bakery website (“about us”).

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