Saturday, June 29, 2013

gromit unleashed

Two summers ago, 61 life-size, painted gorillas decorated the streets of Bristol. They were a great success – very popular with old and young alike. At the time, I asked “what’s going to be next?”.
Well, the answer is 80 five-foot tall Gromits!
TheTrail opens on Monday 1 July and will last for 10 weeks… at the end of which the figures will be sold to raise money for Bristol Children’s Hospital.
Rosa+I went along to the Harbourside yesterday afternoon to see Nick Park “drive” the steam train carrying 11 Gromits from Aardman’s Headquarters to the M-shed… for a reception attended by sponsors and artists (we’re very lucky to know a number of the artists involved – including Emily Ketteringham and David Bain… and Ruth was also delighted to work as the artist for two Gromits on behalf of two celebrities/contributors, plus a mini Gromit destined for one of the ferries, I think). “GromitUnleashed” is going to be a HUGE success in Bristol this summer… I know the artists have had a great time decorating their individual Gromits and, from all the happy, smiling faces who watched the Gromits arriving at the M-shed yesterday afternoon, the event is going to attract an awful lot of people to the city.
It’s going to be AMAZING!
Photo: Some of the Gromits that arrived at the M-shed by steam train yesterday afternoon (looking a little startled by the enthusiastic welcome they received, perhaps?).
PS: I can’t wait to join Iris, Rosa+Ursula on the Trail over the summer… and am probably feeling even more excited than them at the prospect!!

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