Monday, January 07, 2013

my latest new favourite cafe

Actually, my new favourite place isn’t really a café at all… and, although it does “do” basic coffee, its speciality is tea (and I’m not a great tea-drinker, I’m afraid). It’s called Lahloo and, according to its website: “this dynamic new company offers tea drinkers a boutique collection of loose-leaf tea from some of the world’s finest small tea gardens. Lahloo brings you fairly traded, natural and organic teas from artisan producers all over the world”.
But, for me, the real attraction is that it’s a simply beautiful place to enjoy a cup of coffee (or tea!); it’s on two levels (albeit quite small) plus garden/patio area… and the staff are very nice too!
With my ongoing hip issues(!) and the fact that it’s located in Clifton village (yes, I know!), I accept that my visits won’t be an everyday occurrence*, but I’ll certainly be making lots more visits over the coming months.
*I appreciate that I could drive, but I’m desperately trying to avoid using the car as much as possible.
Photo: downstairs “café” space (with the raised garden/patio area beyond).
PS: if you like tea, then please check out this website of our lovely friends, Bruce+Sara – who grow and make “home-grown, hand-picked, artfully-blended herbal and wild teas. All ingredients from our Cambrian mountain forest garden, or close by”.


neitinomad said...

Hi Steve, have you checked out the cafe by the water with the big Che Guevara style decorations? I'm no very good with directions in Bristol at all, but I ran into it on my way from the centre to the railway station, it's along one of the small canals? Very unclear description of a one-day tourist that just follows her nose, detours quite a bit and enjoys all the industrial style red brick along the water! Anyway - I enjoyed the place.

just Gai said...

We popped in to Lahloos during the art trail last summer. We bought a couple of canisters of tea to offer as presents but I'm afraid we retreated to the Primrose Cafe for our cuppa.