Thursday, August 09, 2012

pssst… secret gig!

Moira+I were invited to a “secret gig” at the Drawn In Bristol/Paper-Scissors-Stone Volume 3 shop in Quakers Friars, Bristol last night (our daughter Ruth is one of the featured artists). Singer Beth Rowley gave a lovely, relaxed and intimate concert (given the limited amount of spare space in the shop, it had to be!) in her wonderful, bluesy way. Rowley gave the performance in support of one of the exhibiting artists – who happened to be a very close friend of hers. I love Rowley’s voice (don’t tell anyone, but I actually have two of her albums – an EP and “Little Dreamer”!!), so it was lovely to be able to enjoy an evening of fine music (and live performance!) and art in good company and conducive surroundings.   
If you’ve not yet discovered the excellent Paper-Scissors-Stone shop, and you live close to Bristol, then I think it’s about time you did!
Photo: Beth Rowley and chilled music-/art-lovers!

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