Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Moira+I have just enjoyed five great days of getting together with superb friends!
Last Friday, we met up with our lovely Dutch friends Dick+Dientje (+their daughter Bettie) in Bristol. I’d first met D+D at Iona in 2007 and they stayed with us for a week a couple of years later. It was SO good to have them round for supper and to have an opportunity to have a “proper” chat!
The wonderful Sue+Si (friends from our days in Thame, who now live in Leeds) stayed overnight on Sunday en route to Cornwall… we love them dearly and it’s really sad that we don’t see each other more regularly. We watched the Olympic Closing Ceremony together (Si vaguely impressed us by his instant recognition of every song/artist!).
Yesterday evening, after another Iris+Rosa playday(!), we drove down to Devon for the preview night of an art exhibition in Kingsbridge featuring two our very talented friends (Maggie Smith and Sam Gingell) – if you live in South Hams and love art, then I strongly recommend a visit (it runs until 19 August) - and to meet up with lots of other friends (including Gail, Ian, Jez, Jackie, Lucy, Rob and Gail – plus Maggs+Sam, of course!)… and then back to Sam+Jackie’s amazing, new home for housewarming drinks+cheese and general celebration of a really enjoyable exhibition preview evening.
We stayed overnight with great friends Gail+Ian in Aveton Gifford and then met up this morning with Gail, Gail, Maggs and Ian for a lovely brunch at The Old Bakery, Kingsbridge (as you do!).
It’s always special to meet up with such good friends… and we love them all dearly.
Photo: Moira, Maggs, Gail, Ian+Gail at the Old Bakery for brunch.

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