Saturday, June 09, 2012


Today, in the constant stream of toing-and-froings, we said goodbye to Andrew from Iona. Andrew was my first room-mate here on the island and he’s quite an amazing young man (from Winnipeg, Canada – like two other colleagues on the island!) – intelligent, very personable, tall, athletic, adventurous, independent… and a good cook… and a brilliant musician… and with a great sense of humour (oh, and he’s also a wine connoisseur!)!
He’ll be sadly missed by us all on the island.
Photo: Andrew (with Damaris and Julia – who are joining him a week’s holiday to the Isle of Skye, before he sets off to walk Hadrian’s wall… before going on to Germany).
PS: Andrew+I had somewhat different body clocks: Andrew would frequently go to bed after 1pm and wake up late (when he wasn’t on “early” kitchen duty), while I would go to bed reasonably early and get up 5-6am!

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