Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Adam is from South Africa. He’s nineteen years old (his birthday was a couple of weeks ago). He’s mad keen on sport (he’s been organising weekly cricket matches for guests on the north end beach and encouraging games of golf on the course at the Machair)(and, believe me, it’s been really tough that England have been losing to the Spingboks at rugby over the past couple of weeks!)… and he’s also gregarious, funny, charming, confident and intelligent with it! I’ve frequently found myself trying to remember how I was as a nineteen year-old and comparing myself with Adam and a whole host of the other volunteers… you won’t be surprised to hear that they put me to shame by comparison!
Adam’s on a gap year before starting university in South Africa. He’s a historian – fascinated, amongst other things, in Roman history and Everest – and is determined to study at Cambridge University in due course. I haven’t the slightest doubt that this will happen. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised to see him becoming history’s David Attenborough on television before too long… and, to think, I knew him before he was famous!
Adam’s been a volunteer with the Iona Community over the past 13 weeks and we waved him goodbye from the jetty this morning. He’ll be sorely missed.
A great young man… and we’ll definitely be meeting up again before too long.
Photo: jetty goodbyes (from left to right: Joshua, Anne, Julia, Janelle, Karen, Damaris, Beth, Adam, Petr, Daniel and Noelia).

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