Monday, December 12, 2011

is there life after west wing?

As for most things it seems, I was late in “discover” West Wing and didn’t actually start watching it until January 2008. Since that time, I’ve become completely hooked. Last night, I watched the last episode of the very last season of West Wing and, in doing so, realised that I was about to enter a state of “mourning” (rather like getting to the end of a very good book). I’ve SO enjoyed the programme – brilliantly executed and with a wonderful script and cast. Although it was all fictitious (obviously!), it seemed to place an emphasis on the positives in the world of politics – it made you want your own politicians to behave like the main characters in the series (well, most of the time anyway!). It was utterly convincing and believable – both the individuals and the situations – and (somewhat pathetically, I know) I did find myself close to tears from time to time! I can’t actually recall anything about the programme that I disliked.
My favourite “bits” invariably involved the conversations between White House staff as they strode along the “corridors of power” exchanging questions, ideas, insights, observations and answers at rat-a-tat-tat speed – giving the impression of needle-sharp minds, spontaneous wit and wonderful wisdom – EXACTLY as I aspire to be at all times, you understand! In particular, I loved the “CJ” character (CJ Cregg played by the wonderful Allison Janney)… and have frequently pledged that “I want to be CJ when I grow up” (in ability, character, intellect etc etc!).
After this, all other television is going feel very ordinary!
PS: In anticipation of my after-West Wing “numbness”, I have been watching “The Killing” (Series 2) – on the advice of a number of friends. In my opinion, although it’s not at all in the same league as WW, it is a very impressive programme (I think there are still four episodes to go?)… and I’ve now also borrowed the Series 1 boxset too from Hannah+Felix.

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