Sunday, November 20, 2011

secret millionaire

I COULD have been a millionaire, you know.
The above photograph is clear proof (note: I’m on such good terms with my bank that I’m sure they would have accepted the cheque despite the “Stephano” name!). I was given it “in gratitude” by our lovely friend Liza at the end of the wonderful holiday spent with our mayBe friends at Upper Saltings, St Ives in 2002. Depending what you choose to believe, cheques are valid for either 6 months or 6 years… either way, I realise I’ve now blown my chances!
I’ve recently been clearing out “my” basement cupboard. Not before time. Although it was pretty organised in its early days, some six years or so ago, it’s gradually become one of those “stuff-it-in-and-close-the-doors-quickly” cupboards. Whilst I knew I still had the cheque (plus some of other lovely souvenirs from that holiday) “somewhere” in the house, I came across it by accident when I was going through my old biscuit tins/shoe boxes of old photographs.
A lovely reminder of a very special holiday (and worth its weight in gold!).

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