Monday, November 07, 2011

the ides of march

Well, it wasn’t like this on West Wing!
Moira, Gareth+Alan+I went to see this George Clooney-directed political thriller at the Watershed yesterday. It focuses on the last frantic days of a closely-contested presidential primary - just two Democrats left in the fight for the presidency and the brilliant up-and-coming press secretary (convincingly played by Ryan Gosling) of one of the candidates (played by Clooney himself) suddenly finds himself involved in a complicated political scandal which threatens to sink his “camp”…..
Loyalty? Trust? Betrayal?
All I’ll say is that it’s an impressive and worryingly convincing film (apart from a couple of issues perhaps?) and definitely worth seeing.

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Tracey Wheeler said...

Sad to have missed you guys at the WS - we were supping coffees and reading papers whilst you were filming. Thanks for the review - we hope to catch this soon. x