Sunday, August 07, 2011

the worst salesman in the world….

Day One of our experimental appearance at the Harbourside Market didn’t actually go wonderfully well. I’d decided to have a regular stall during August and September (pitches are free during this time!) and use it as a showcase to sell Ruth’s, Hannah’s and my art work.
In five hours, I sold just ONE item (a £10 print)…. and even that didn’t happen until 5 minutes before the end!
This was the sum TOTAL revenue for the entire day. I didn’t even sell a single card (which I found very hard to comprehend). When Hannah has previously had a stall at the market, I don’t think she’s ever failed to clear £100. Consequently, I’m left feeling a little deflated – especially as I thought that the stuff I was “selling” was pretty good. Some reflections:
1. Clearly, this week’s slump in the world’s stock markets has had an instant devastating adverse effect on the Bristol art market!
2. On the positive side, I did manage to cram the entire stall into the back of our tiny Citroen C2 and managed to erect everything pretty quickly and efficiently.
3. It was lovely to be visited by Stu+Iris+Rosa, Gareth+Alan+Iona+Eilidh, Emma+Liz and Bruce+Gracie during the course of the day (and, of course, Moira – who helped with car parking and general encouragement!).
4. Lots of people said some very nice things about the work I was trying to sell.
5. The weather was pretty good.
6. For the first time in ages, there were plenty of stalls (something to do with the zero charge perhaps?)
7. I couldn’t compete with the Bordeaux Quay bread stall opposite or the cheese stall alongside!
8. The harbourside is a favourite through-route for stag and hen party groups!
9. Next time, I think I’m going to come up with catchy by-line (like that strange greengrocer bloke on East Street?): “come and get ya arty stuff here ladies and gentlemen… you know it makes sense”…. think I’ll need to do a bit better than that (or maybe just a song and a dance?).
10. Clearly, now that the Art connoisseurs of Bristol know about the stall, they’ll roll up in their hundreds next Saturday.
Emma suggested that I needed to ask the question: “What would they do on the Apprentice?”.
I think Sir Alan would just point the finger and say the magic words….
Photo: the art stall BEFORE the crowds came flocking (it looked pretty much like this after they’d been too!) - obviously this doesn't include my happy smiling face behind the counter!

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