Sunday, January 23, 2011


As you might have gathered, Moira+I very much enjoyed being in the bosom of our family over the weekend. Really lovely to get together again. One of the great bonuses of the weekend was watching the grandchildren play so beautifully together. Dan+Jemima really don’t know Iris+Rosa very well at all, but there were absolutely no problems and they all seemed to spend an awful lot of the time in fits of giggles (well, Dan+Iris anyway!). The two older ones decided to put on a “goodbye concert” (well two songs!) – with Iris singing a made-up song about angels (I think) and Dan playing the harmonica. It could all have gone so VERY wrong when Dan started blowing through the wrong side of the harmonica - but he stopped, realised his mistake, described his silly error to the audience, laughed at himself and then proceeded to play the right side as if it was all part of the act!
Photo: Rosa+Ruth+Dan+Iris+Alice+Jemima.

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just Gai said...

Don't you just envy the confidence of youth?