Thursday, December 23, 2010


The Tobacco Factory Theatre's Christmas Show has now become a traditional part of our seasonal festivities (quite possibly something to do with the fact that Felix has performed in a lot of them perhaps?). Moira+I went along to see "The Adventures of Pinocchio" last night and it proved to be another evening of captivating, live theatre in front of another all-age full house. Once again (of course!), we felt that Felix was the real star performer, especially with his Jimmy The Cricketer character - an intriguingly clever version of Disney's invented Jiminy Cricket.
Theatre is alive and well and, very fortunately for us, can be found at the wonderful Tobacco Factory Theatre - especially at this time of year (the current show runs to 16 January)!
Photo: the cast (Felix is second from right - pity there isn't an image of him in his Jimmy The Cricketer costume!).


red fox and grey squirrel said...

I want to go! At least we did get to go to a Christmas Show at our Pacific Theatre here in Vancouver... Christmas on the Air... a Raido show production which was very good, but not like Pinocchio good.

red fox and grey squirrel said...

Wish I could go to see it. we do enjoy the plays. Saw "Christmas on the Air" in mid December and enjoyed it a lot... would have been better with you!
Missing you. Merry Carol