Wednesday, December 29, 2010

contemplating retirement

For me, the turn of the year has always been a time for reflection. This year has taken on rather more significance than usual as I’ll be retiring in the summer.
Many years ago, I remember thinking that there was absolutely no way I’d work beyond my sixtieth birthday. Well, clearly, that didn’t happen.
Moira retired at the end of March 2010. I was really impressed (and a little envious) with the way she prepared for this next stage in her life. She met with our good friend Bruce a couple of times to exchange thoughts and also booked herself on to a retreat in Devon (on the edge of Dartmoor… a place she’s been to before).
By comparison, I feel totally unprepared. People who are aware of my impending retirement frequently ask me what I plan to do… and my answers are always very vague and invariably dull. Whilst a huge part of me is really looking forward to the imminent prospect of retirement, deep down, I also freely admit to feeling rather nervous.
So, over the coming weeks, I might commit some of my “retirement thoughts” to paper (well, computer) – hopes, dreams and fears!
Don’t hold your breathe.


Alice said...

Would love to read your thoughts. I've written down some goals for 2011 - keeping them to myself so there's no pressure!!! Xxx

Les Allan said...

You are so going to enjoy retirement , probably , for the first time , you will be working to your clock and not someone elses.
If you want to get up at 1015am you dont have to be at school at 8.00am.
If you want to visit the Grandkids oop North you can just go, no need to book time of work, no need to use some one elses (your) holiday entitlement...
You will be so busy you will wonder how you had time to go to work.
I am sure we will see much more of your wonderful photography...Stevie B's Bristol Calender will be a charity must at the end of 2011
No need for apprehension you just need to enjoy every single day, simple pleasures , the odd glass of red wine and maybe the Villa winning a game once more
Cheers Les