Saturday, September 04, 2010

me and mark kermode

Very much enjoyed seeing/listening to the Dodge Brothers in the Performance Café at Greenbelt. Mark Kermode, film critic and journalist, is their double bass (and harmonica) player. As we watching, I was struck by the vague physical similarities between Kermode and my late father, Ron…. but then realised that, by default (many people felt that I looked a little like my dad), there was probably some resemblance between Kermode and me!
Big head, big nose, big ears, greying hair, similar build, talks a lot….
Uncanny eh?
PS: of course, there are a few differences too – he’s clever (PhD in English), he’s financially stable, he’s much younger (by 14 years!), he doesn’t have a vertical crease down his forehead and he’s musical, but hey!
PPS: I might start using a comb and "slicking" my hair back in future perhaps?
Photo: Dodge Brothers, Kermode and me.

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