Saturday, July 24, 2010


Thanks to good friend Mark’s suggestion, Moira+I went to the Thekla, Bristol Harbourside on Thursday evening to see/experience a showcase of songs from “Stinkfoot the Musical” (a “comic opera”) conceived and written by former Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band man Vivian Stanshall (who died in 1995). Although it was open to the public (hence our presence!), the main purpose of the showcase was in an effort to attract backers for the revival of the full musical. It was actually first performed on the Thekla (then called “The Old Profanity Showboat”) in 1985; it’s only other, very brief, staging was in 1988 at the Bloomsbury Theatre, London. Somewhat amazingly, it also included some of the original cast members (Nikki Lamborn, Jon Beedell and Pete Coggins). Tony Slattery was the entertaining host for the evening and (impressively) performed one of the songs. The music is extraordinary (if sometimes a little dated to my mind) and the band and singers are quite brilliant – the powerful voices of Lamborn and Coggins are absolutely amazing!
Will it attract financial backing? I have my doubts.
Was it an enjoyable evening? Hugely.

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