Friday, July 09, 2010

sports day 2010

Last year, school sports day was held at Bath University. It was a great opportunity for competitors to use first class facilities and it was a successful day. But, fairly typically some would say, I’d had distinct reservations about the event and had outlined these to the powers-that-be in advance. In my view, it simply gave an opportunity for the competitors to perform in front of just their fellow competitors and a comparatively few members of staff – the rest of the school and teachers were left “back at base” in normal lessons!
Well, this year’s sports day reverted back to “home” (some claim that it was because the cost of bussing pupils to Bath was too expensive!) and proved to be a really wonderful day for the whole school community – with extra awards for supporters, banners and the like!
A great day!
Photo: a few of the enthusiastic supporters/competitors.
PS: Quantock House even managed to avoid last place this year… and actually finished third!

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