Thursday, May 13, 2010


I know I’ve moaned a few times about the attitudes of some parents in my day-to-day experience at school. I’m also only too well aware of the frustrations of all those who work in education but, just occasionally, you experience unexpected rewards. Today, I received a letter from the father of a Year 11 girl, who was about to leave school after completing her GCSEs. The letter (which was also addressed to my colleagues Kate and Karin) conveyed his appreciation for keeping his daughter “on track”. This is just an extract: “I can still remember specifically when you brought to my attention concerns for (my daughter), concerns which I was equally having. I think that meeting really built the foundation for (my daughter) and now some three years later she is certainly in a “better place”. (Her) improved performance has really made me feel proud for her and I have to say it’s also because of the professionalism demonstrated by yourself Steve, and superbly aided by Kate and Karin. Your direct involvements as a team and individually have done so much good for her that I will always be respectful and appreciative of the efforts by you”.
When I’m feeling depressed and disillusioned by the world of education, I’ll read this father’s letter and it’ll remind me of the small, but perhaps vital, contributions that teachers and also-rans like me can make to the lives of some children and the fact that our work is sometimes appreciated.
Humbling stuff.
Photo: this is a picture of Iris and Stu – I know it really doesn’t have anything to do with this post, EXCEPT that it’s a strong image of a special relationship between a father and daughter.


Alice said...

gosh, dad. I'm so glad you shared this and I'm SO glad that father wrote to you!!! How amazing!

For every letter you get there will be other grateful children and parents who just never quite get round to letting you know the impact you've had.

Put it in a very safe place!!!!!

I love you!

refusetobeboxedin said...

How wonderful!

Tracey Wheeler said...

That's lovely, Steve. I am always so appreciative myself on the rare occasion that a patient takes time to put pen to paper and say something personal, rather than the usual verbal thanks / thank you card. it's things like that that keep us toiling at the coal face, and remind us why we went into public service.

bigdaddystevieB said...