Thursday, May 27, 2010

exeter by-pass?

It was wet. It was very, very wet. Went to the Bristol v Exeter Chiefs play-off final last night (rugby union for those NOT in the know!). Great friends Jez and Lucy accompanied me. Unfortunately, they’re ardent Chiefs supporters and I’m Bristolian (of course!). Bristol were 6-9 down from the first leg; it was going to be close, but Bristol would surely win with home advantage? The second leg finished 10-29 – pretty disastrous for Bristol. Exeter were clear winners and played with far more passion and self-belief. Chiefs also won the battle of the supporters too (far too many good chants – which completely stunted the home team’s somewhat unimaginative “Bristol-Bristol-Bristol”!). Ironically, the only time the home supporters really made a deafening roar was when the team left the field together at the end of the pre-match warm-up – an amazing, thunderous noise – which I thought was just a hint of things to come. It wasn’t to be and the Chiefs won easily. I got caught up in the after-match celebrations with the delirious Chiefs’ supporters (Jez insisted on hugging a few of the players!) and even managed to bump into Kim+Alan from school (Kim was a very happy bunny – ANOTHER Chiefs’ supporter!). The good humour between the rival supporters was just brilliant, despite all the disappointments.
Moira had watered the garden just before we left for the game. In the end, the torrential rain means she doesn’t need to do so again for a couple of months.
Obviously, I blame her for Bristol’s downfall.

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