Thursday, April 29, 2010

kielder challenge 2010

This week, four pupils from our school plus four pupils from Fosse Way School (a very special catering for young people with physical disabilities and/or severe learning difficulties), teamed together for one of the Fieldfare Kielder Challenge Regional Heats in Poole - a national outdoor adventure event and competition which has run for over 20 years. The team were brilliant. Regional winners go forward to the national finals in the Kielder Forest, Northumberland in September. In the end, it was incredibly close and they ended up just SIX points behind last year's National Winners (342 points to our 336!) - beating the winners of last year's Plate Final in the process. As things stand (there are still a number of heats taking place over the next couple of weeks), they are the second-placed team in the whole of the Southern Region.

This is the fourth year I’ve helped with this event and it remains one of the most rewarding and humbling activities of my time in education.

Photo: the team in action (Lauren, Scott, Dean, Will, Josh, Owen plus Charlotte and Kitty).

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Alice said...

WOW! Congratulations to them! That really is wonderful!

Heap praise on them all from me! xx