Friday, April 09, 2010

buckley boys (and girl!)

Moira+I returned home yesterday evening after spending a lovely couple of days in Lancashire with Alice+Dave+Mikey+Dan. Great to see everyone again - all the boys were in very good form (apart from a blip from Dave when Man U lost!) and Alice was looking fit+well in her final couple of months of pregnancy. Dan was very pleased to have another footballer around to play with (not Moira!) and we were very impressed with Mikey’s brilliant table manners!
Had a very enjoyable afternoon at Sea World in Blackpool. I spent most of my childhood holidays at Blackpool, but couldn’t quite believe just how incredibly tacky the place had now become (or maybe it was ALWAYS like that and I just didn’t notice?). But nevermind, “Sea World” (or whatever it was called) was excellent and Mikey, in particular, was completely mesmerised by some of the fish and spent a considerable amount of his time standing on a footbridge looking down on them as they clocked up the laps of their tank.
Very good to have some chill time with them all.
Photo: Moira, Dan+Mikey on “Mikey’s Bridge” at Sea World.

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