Friday, October 23, 2009

mr griffin on the bbc

So, BNP Leader Mr Griffin is going to make an official complaint to the BBC about last night’s Question Time programme – saying its normal format had been “twisted” so that it focussed solely on his views and described the audience as a “lynch mob”.
But he can’t have it all ways!
According to the BBC, the members of the audience were invited long before the decision to have Mr Griffin on the programme. In the event, it wasn’t surprising that the audience should focus its questions on the BNP Leader.
In a letter posted on the BNP’s website prior to the programme, he described the prospect of him appearing on Question Time as a “milestone in the indomitable march of the British National Party towards saving our country”. He also said: "Our violent opponents on the far left have promised to lay siege and barricade the studio venue, because they know only too well that this could be THE key moment that propels the BNP into the big time. Never before have we had the chance to present our patriotic, common sense solutions to Britain's nightmare situation to the public at large in such a prominent fashion. It will, in other words, be political blood sport. But I am relishing this opportunity."
I'm happy to say that I think Griffin’s credibility will have been severely damaged.
I’m inclined to agree with Kelvin Mackenzie’s view: “I've never seen a television show in which you felt your stomach turning over. The guy was basically lying his head off to create an image that he was basically a conservative who just had very strong views about immigration”. But, despite this, I also feel that Diane Abbott has pinpointed the key concern: "Everyone is talking about Nick Griffin. The programme has given him unnecessary exposure, unnecessary credibility and giving more credibility to a fascist party in the middle of a recession is a very dangerous thing."

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